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CM 10.2 nightly now available for download

cm 10.2

The CyanogenMod team is hard at work to fast forward the roll out of CM 10.2 to compatible devices. And the team has taken the first step towards bringing the new Android 4.3 based ROM by publishing nightly builds of CM 10.2. This build is bound to be filled with bugs and issues, so the team advices users to proceed with caution.

Since this is a nightly build, the team will not be taking any bug reports. The usual warnings have been mentioned as you could potentially ruin the build if you flash this over an incompatible version of Android (for ex: Android 4.2), so make sure you know a thing or two about flashing custom ROMs before flashing the nightly ROM.

It is advised to wait for the final and stable release of CM 10.2 especially if you don’t have a spare device to test ROMs. Stable releases usually arrive a bit later as all the bugs and glitches from previous releases have to be sorted and fixed. CM 10.2 is bringing a whole bunch of new features to the table, with a built in blacklist and new camera features being talked about. The team recently added some new devices to its compatibility list including the Samsung Galaxy S4, which can now run CM 10.1 and any future releases with ease.

Source: Cyanogen Mod (Google+)

Via: Android Community

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