Customised Moto X now takes 8 days to deliver



Motorola set out to make a phone assembled in the US with tons of customisations and have delivery within four days. It has been a clever way to make sure US customers feel they are getting the best deal, but Motorola already hit a bump in the schedule, as they expected.

Currently, if a user makes a custom Moto X, they need to go through the Moto Maker toolset and this is currently only offered on AT&T. When finished, small text at the bottom will show estimated delivery, which is now up to 8 days.

This is double what Motorola originally pitched and it seems demand for the customisable Moto X is huge even in the early stages. Despite many Android fans saying the Moto X is an underpowered and overpriced smartphone, it looks like some want to pen a two-year contract for the new flagship, unless they want it unlocked.

This may be a silly idea just now, with only one carrier actually selling the customised version of the Moto X, they may be getting a raw deal from AT&T. Verizon Wireless has said they will offer the Moto X on August 29, this may come with the Moto Maker, T-Mobile and Sprint will start selling the phone sometime in September, hopefully with the Moto Maker as well.

T-Mobile will offer the Moto X on their JUMP upgrade system and the customer will not have to pen a two year contract. Buying the phone from AT&T, unless you love AT&T, may be the wrong thing to do at the moment.


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