Could the Chromecast run Steam?


The Chromecast is a nifty media device, but one thing it lacks is partnerships. Currently the only app fully compatible with the device is Netflix, alongside Google’s home brand media.

The Chrome webpage extension does take away some of these problems, because it essentially allows anything on the web to be cast onto the TV, provided it uses a media player compatible with the Chromecast.

We question how far the Chromecast can go with this integration, we have already seen local files played onto the Chromecast and questioned if QuickTime, VLC and other media players could possibly be integrated.

What if Steam, the digital video game distributor, could integrate with the Chromecast, allowing users to send the gameplay from the laptop/desktop to the TV. The gamer would still have to plug in the controller or mouse and keyboard to the laptop, but the gameplay would happen on the TV.

Lag on the Chromecast is in the seconds and it is still in beta, if both Steam and Google work on creating a portal, it would be a viable solution. With Big Picture mode, the Steam user could play on the TV without the hassle of the Steam interface.

This would be an excellent score for Chromecast, one that would get them above what AirPlay can offer. Right now, movies, TV and music seems to be the priority, but if Google looks outside the box, they could bring video games onto the TV in a simple way.

Video game integration would not stop there though, if they can do it on the laptop, why not do it on the mobile. Users would be able to cast their mobile game onto the TV and play it on a Bluetooth connected controller or through in-built mobile controls.

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