New Chromecast app allows local media streaming


The Chromecast is already a great tool, but developer Koushik Datta wants to make it even better, by allowing more media to be streamed onto the TV, not just from some apps and the web.

In this short video put together, Datta shows how he can record his dog on his phone and then go into gallery and share it to the Chromecast, which will start showing the video on the TV.

This type of offline media is still questionable and we have yet to see QuickTime, VLC or any other media player say they will integrate with Google Chromecast anytime soon.

With Google wanting everything on the web, including movies and TV programs, we doubt they are really in a hurry to get these old media players integrated. However, the problem is when watching Lord of the Rings or any other long film, it normally runs on a program, not on the web.

While Netflix and other media streaming services are trying to solve this problem by adding the content, there is never going to be everything you want to watch and sometimes users buy DVDs, either from the iTunes store or from an actual disc distributor, this needs a program to run.

If Google can successful add a way for developers to make apps, this will solve the problem. Sure enough someone will make a Windows 8 app, an OS X app and any other type of app with the capabilities of playing QuickTime, VLC and other media.

Currently, since the Chromecast SDK is still in beta, any developer has to write to Google, to get permission to add the application. Once out of beta we may see a larger push from the developer community to bring apps for the Chromecast.

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