Can Turn Your Android Device Headphone Jack into Hardware Buttons? Soon, with Pressy, Yes!

As smartphones and tablets get thinner and display screens tend to take up almost every little space in today’s devices, hardware buttons have been pushed almost to extinction – well, except a few that may never go away, but they are only five to six.  If you have a modern large screen smartphone and would wish that it had more hardware buttons that you can assign functions, this may just happen soon.  Some guys are seeking funds on Kickstarter to develop a device that will add up to 10 hardware buttons on your Android device called Pressy.


The folks developing Pressy refers to the device as ‘the Almighty Android Button’ and the good news is that it has already reached its funding goal on Kickstarter, so this means that we are closer to seeing the add-on (literally) that the company promises is easy to use, compatible with all Android devices with a 3.5 mm jack and Android 2.3 and up and is fully customizable.

What is Pressy?

Simply put, Pressy is small device that you plug into the headphone jack of your Android device and make it a powerful hardware button.  Once Pressy is plugged in, you can customize the buttons to use it on everyday actions – especially those actions that involve many steps or those you do often.  For instance, if your phone doesn’t have a dedicated camera button, you can assign this task to Pressy.  The same applies if you want to start radio or the browser with one press of a button.

How it works

Pressy comes with a software app that initiates a background service when it is launched.  This service will monitor the headset jack such that when the Pressy button is plugged, it activates the application.  Note that because the application stays deactivated unless it is activated by a press of the Pressy button, it does not drain the device’s battery power.  The application will recognize key inputs and pressing combinations and launches assigned tasks or actions.  You can find out more about this button by checking out its official site or the Kickstarter funding page.

Pressy Button

Unlike many other projects that seem promising when they get to Kickstarter then days or weeks down the line it fails to get funding, gets delayed or cancelled, it seems Pressy is a project that is going all the way.  The big question here will be, how impressive is a hardware ‘shortcut’ to today’s Android smartphones?  The creators claim that Pressy will bring back the simplicity of using your phone – to perform most common actions and favorite or repetitive tasks with a simple, intuitive button – could this be what large screen, almost bezel-free thin smartphones and tablets need to make them more ‘intuitive’?

Well, we know so many backers have made this project a step closer to reality, but we will have to wait and see how the finished product will fare when it is finally available for sale.

Source: Kickstarter