Bootloader of the Verizon HTC One now unlockable

Verizon HTC One

According to reports emerging out of the XDA Forum, the bootloader on the Verizon HTC One is currently unlockable over at HTCdev which is HTC’s dedicated bootloader unlocking portal. All you have to do is select your HTC smartphone from the list and get cracking. However, knowing Verizon and its stringent rules and regulations, this might not be up for long. So users are advised to make full use of it before Verizon sets out to change this. Any future Verizon updates could make unlocking the bootloader a difficult affair.

Post unlocking the bootloader, users should be able to do the usual fun stuff with their smartphones like flashing new ROMs and playing around with it. That is of course assuming that Verizon still keeps the option open until then. The Verizon HTC One went official last week with availability kicking off from today. The smartphone is available for $199.99 on contract and $599.99 sans contract.

Source: HTCdev

Via: Droid Life