BlackBerry may spin off BBM into its own company


With the downfall of BlackBerry and BB10 not gaining enough traction to really make a mark, the company may look at spinning off their biggest app, BBM. The messaging service would become a subsidiary of BlackBerry and that way it would be easier to market to potential buyers, who may not want to buy the bulk of BlackBerry.

A few months ago BlackBerry announced BBM would be coming to Android and iOS in the summer. The summer is almost over and we have no sign of BlackBerry devices coming to all devices, only a select number of Samsung devices in Africa.

BBM is still one of the best messaging services available and for a time it reigned supreme, as BlackBerry sailed high with 40% of the mobile market worldwide. At that time, BlackBerry was valued as a $100 billion investment, now it is about a tenth of the price.

WhatsApp, iMessage, Hangouts and Facebook Messenger are all battling for market share on Android and iOS. For BlackBerry to step in with BBM and think everyone will join is a misconception, even though fake apps popping up on the Android store have seen 100,000 downloads before getting blocked.

Right now, Android is littered with lots of bad messaging apps and a few good ones, BBM needs to be fully cross-platform to really make a dent in WhatsApp’s huge 400 installed userbase and Facebook’s one billion installed user base. Both apps are on Windows Phone 8, something BlackBerry is uneasy about developing, considering it is the closest rival.