Best Buy selling Moto X off contract for $699


The Moto X off contract price has been debated, with some saying Motorola will go all in and offer the phone to users for $400 off contract. It seems this will not be the case, with AT&T setting the price at $575 and Best Buy offering the phone for $699.

Best Buy’s price does seem a little odd, especially given the news that other providers will sell the Moto X at $575 for 16GB and $629 for 32GB. We wonder if this is true or just a mistake on by Best Buy, however, it would match the price for normal top-tier handsets.

Best Buy is currently offering pre-orders on Verizon Wireless and Sprint, we do not believe they will partner with AT&T, given the carrier currently has exclusive Moto Maker rights and will be the only phone carrier offering customised versions of the Moto X.

For those who do not like contracts, the price may vary depending on where the phone is sold. We wonder if Motorola or Google will do something crazy and offer the phone at a cheaper off contract price, possibly on the Google Play store.

The Google Edition of the Moto X is coming soon, both Motorola and Google have confirmed it is being worked on. Google will obviously sell this off contract to anyone who wants the stock Android experience and we do not believe the Moto Maker will be available for Google Editions.

Source: Best Buy

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