Best Buy employee says Chromecast is back in stock with Netflix promotion


It seems Google has rekindled their promotional offer with Netflix, according to one Best Buy representative. The Chromecast has been out of stock on Amazon and Best Buy for the first few weeks, with huge early adoption.

The Best Buy employee has said that stock is coming to all stores right now, as the company pushes to get orders back to the usual. Google dropped the Netflix promotional offer after the huge rush to get the Chromecast, but it is back at Best Buy.

We have no word on Amazon, according to a recent report, the company is struggling to get enough stock to actually fill the back-log of orders, running up to about three months of backorders.

Google seems to have hit gold with the Chromecast at the early stages, we have no idea how much stock was initially made for the big markets, but with a backlog of three months on Amazon and Best Buy continuing to go out of stock, it was not enough.

Apple has sold over 14 million Apple TV units and Roku has sold a little less, these two are the main competitors to the Chromecast. New reports say by 2017 the media streaming device market will have doubled in volume in the US, this is good news for Google.


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