BBC Media Player updated to support Android 4.3


The BBC Media Player app has been updated to support Android 4.3 devices in the UK. Before this update, users who had already downloaded it would have been able to continue viewing content, but for Android 4.3 devices trying to download the BBC Media Player, they would have not been able to get the app.

While the app offers the support for Android 4.3, there is still a few missing pieces of the puzzle. The BBC Media Player app still does not allow users to download content to watch offline, something the BBC have been promising will come. With the new video-DRM available on Android 4.3, we thought this would be a new feature.

HD support is still unavailable as well, for Android users. For people using the iPlayer on the web, HD does work, but the BBC has yet to bring this feature to mobile, despite most top-end smartphones now offering 1080p displays.

BBC iPlayer has also not been updated to support Android 4.3 yet, so streaming from the laptop to mobile cannot be achieved yet. Even though anyone can download the app, to watch all the content you need to have a TV license.

Source: BBC Android