AT&T will allow Google Hangouts video calls via cellular data

AT&T Google Hangouts

The Hangouts app on Android has received an update which brings some very good news for AT&T users. Thanks to this update, users will now be able to make video calls through Google Hangouts using the cellular network, rather than Wi-Fi. Prior to this, users required to be on a Wi-Fi network in order to make or receive Hangouts video calls, due to AT&T’s strange policies.

It is said that this feature might take a while to reach all users across AT&T’s wide network, so users are advised to remain patient. It is claimed that it could take until the end of the year for the feature to be accessible across all AT&T branded Android devices.

AT&T has been blaming Android and Google for not being able to make video Hangouts over cellular data. But the carrier later issued a statement announcing its intentions to bring Hangouts video calls over cellular data.

Users can download the new updated Hangouts app from the Play Store with the link provided below. Feel free to shoot off in the comments box below with your opinions on the new update.

Source: Play Store

Via: Engadget