AT&T: We Will Replace Water Damaged Galaxy S4 Active Only Once

The only reason anyone would choose to buy Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, a water and dust resistant variant of Samsung’s flagship smartphone the Galaxy S4, would be to have a device that can stand water, dust and other elements damages. But what happens when you go camping one time and it falls into a pond, getting damaged or your little one picks the phone and dumps it into the pool and it gets damaged? Despite it being a water and dust resistant phone, we know that everything machine made has faults and your phone could be one of the thousands that will get damaged when it comes in contact with water, moisture or dust. If you are an AT&T customer and got the phone from the carrier, the company says that it can only replace your Galaxy S4 Active once.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Samsung made the Galaxy S4 Active an IP67 certified device, meaning that it is supposed to resist water damage when in water up to 1 meter deep or up to 30 minutes underwater. I know what you think, that if AT&T replaces the phone once, what happens if the second one suffers the same or almost similar fate? The bad news is that Samsung has refused to honor warranties of devices that show water damage signs – even the so-called water resistant Galaxy S4 Active. This is not fair.
Since the phone was made available about 2 months ago, I haven’t come across any reports of the phone being damaged by water yet, which could mean that the device is built and tested to conform to the standards properly before it hits the shelves. You should however note that the phone is not waterproof; as a matter of fact, it is advertised as ‘water resistant’, meaning that water could get into the phone under certain circumstances, e.g. when it is left in water for too long or when it is too deep in water. I believe Samsung chose not to honor warranties for water damaged Galaxy S4 Active devices because frankly, the phone is not permanently sealed, and if a user removes the cover and fails to replace it correctly, it would be their fault if water damages the internal parts.
AT&T is being extra generous and taking a huge risk offering to replace water damaged Galaxy S4 Active devices once. Given that they don’t really have to, this friendly customer approach should be welcome and if you are planning to get the Galaxy S4 Active, then AT&T may be your carrier choice. Keep your phone safe, it is designed to stand accidental exposure to water and dust, if you abuse and damage it, you may be on your own.
Source: Pocket Now