AT&T offering exchange for water damaged Galaxy S4 Active handsets


With a recent post on Reddit and XDADevelopers sparked rumours the Galaxy S4 Active may not be able to handle as much water as Samsung and AT&T are currently advertising, the two companies have decided to offer an exchange for any buyers effected.

The exchange offer has been rumoured for a few days and AT&T has finally confirmed its existence. We are not sure how many people have damaged their phone due to putting it to the water test too much, but we have heard several complaints.

Samsung has promoted the fact the Galaxy S4 Active can be taken in the ocean with the user and even if they have not said it is waterproof but water resistant, the adverts are giving the image to consumers that it is capable of surviving the water.

We are not sure of the exact details AT&T will allow the swap, it may just be the user brings it in, shows it is water damaged and then gets another Galaxy S4 Active. AT&T may give the user the choice of another device instead of the Galaxy S4 Active.

Whatever the case, this is clearly a defensive by AT&T and Samsung and it may show the complaints are starting to ramp up. On the other side of the water, the Xperia Z seems to not be having many problems and Sony is reporting good sales, possibly in the millions.

Source: Phone Arena