AT&T announces Moto X will be $199/249 on contract with exclusive colours


AT&T have jumped quickly on the bandwagon, announcing prices for the Moto X on contract and the new exclusive Moto Maker package, currently only available to US users who grab it from AT&T.

The Moto X will come in two sizes, the 16GB version at $199 and the 32GB version at $249. While some late comers may think this is the off-contract price, as leaked a few days prior to the release, it is actually the two-year subsidised price for the phone.

This has been a real hard hitter for the Moto X fans, who thought the device would mimic the Nexus 4 in price. It seems Motorola wanted all four carriers on board and to do that they needed to price the phone at the top-end.

The Moto Maker allows the user to customise the phone, with sixteen different back colours, two front colours and seven colours for the rear camera and side buttons. We knew Motorola would feature heavy customisation, with Guy Kawasaki teasing how a phone could have the same customisations a car should.

The phone will be available on five carriers in the US, including Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular. Only AT&T will have access to the Moto Maker, although Motorola has heavily implied this is a short exclusive.

Source: Motorola

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