AT&T locks customised Moto X on two year contract

Moto X Colors

AT&T is currently the only carrier in the US selling the Moto X, with Rogers holding the only other exclusive deal in Canada. Unlike Rogers, AT&T also has exclusive use of the Moto Maker tool, allowing Moto X buyers to customise the smartphone.

It seems AT&T will only allow customers the customised Moto X if they sign a two year contract with the carrier. For the black and white stock options, customers can pick between buying the phone outright for $579.99 and a one year contract.

This is a clever move by AT&T to scoop all the avid Moto X fans who want to get the customised versions. With Motorola keeping mute about when the Moto Maker will come to other carriers in the US, AT&T seems to have it for at least a month or two.

Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile have yet to actually add the Moto X onto their service, dousing rumours the phone would come to all four major carriers on August 23. Verizon is set to launch the Moto X on August 29 according to new reports, we are unsure if this will come with the Moto Maker.

Currently AT&T will give users wanting a customised version a redeem code they can apply online, to then design their Moto X. All assembling is done at Fort Worth, Texas, in a Motorola facility. Motorola says it will deliver all phones within four days, but there has been trouble keeping this promise.

Source: Droid Life

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