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AT&T Introduces New International Plans For Students and Teachers


If you’re an AT&T customer and you travel internationally, either for education or vacation, you know how bad AT&T can be to you on your next bill. But starting August 9th, customers who are traveling outside of the US for education purposes, there are new plans for you. The plans are either:

  • A $60/month package with 250 minutes, 250 outgoing texts and 250MB of cellular data.
  • A $90/month package which includes 400 minutes, 400 outgoing texts, 400MB of cellular data and 1GB of Wi-Fi (from AT&T wifi locations) on eligible devices.

These aren’t the best plans, but they are better than what AT&T currently offers, which are just really bad. But if you are living in an international country with an AT&T device, why not unlock it and use a local SIM and/or a VOIP service?

Source: AT&T via Engadget

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