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ASUS preparing to develop a Chromebook for Q4 2013


ASUS is the fifth company ready to work on the Chromebook, with HP, Lenovo, Acer and Samsung already in the mix with their own take on the ideal web browsing notebook, not to forget the Chromebook Pixel developed by Google.

The move is due to Windows RT failing to gain any traction, ASUS is already invested in the Android and Windows 8 ecosystem, with plenty of devices for both, but it now wants to try its hand at making a laptop for Chrome OS.

The Chromebook has been a questionable item, it is an operating system made only for browsing the web and using small applications. It is not for the professional, but it is the perfect laptop for those who want to check Gmail and Facebook all day.

Nobody really knows how well the Chromebook is doing, Amazon always seems to have it as the most sold item on the store, yet analysts say Chromebook’s make up for under 1% of the web browsing worldwide.

ASUS already has a good partnership with Google through the Nexus tablet program and is set to extend that with the Nexus 10. This new partnership alongside the Chrome OS may make the two companies ideal partners in the future and with the success of the Nexus 7, that can only be good news for ASUS.

With ASUS, we may see any number of things, including a multi-OS computer capable of booting up Android and Chrome. We may even see one of their fantastic detachable keyboards like on the Transformer series.

Source: DigiTimes

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