ASUS PadFone Mini & MeMOFone HD 5 shown in company roadmap


ASUS has said they are planning to hit the US smartphone market this year or next, as have other manufacturers currently working in Europe and Asia. The US smartphone market is lucrative to the company’s that hit success, but as we have seen with HTC, Sony and Motorola, it can hit hard on the revenue if a phone fails to resonate well with the majority of buyers.

At a talk in France, ASUS laid out a roadmap for the next year in the smartphone and tablet industry. Not only did they show recently released devices, but also devices coming out in the near future.

The PadFone Infinity, FonePad HD 7 and FonePad Note 6 are known to us, ASUS has released them to certain markets already. The PadFone Mini has still not been announced, we believe this will be a smaller version of the PadFone Infinity with mid-range specs.

The MEMOFone HD 5 is another questionable device, not yet released by ASUS. Some say it will be a budget five-inch device, to go alongside the MEMO line of phones from ASUS.

On the tablet side it seems the MEMO Pad HD will be getting a little jolt in size, with an eight-inch model shown at the talk. This will probably have the same specs as the seven-inch model, but be priced against the Galaxy Note 8.0 and iPad Mini.

It is a weird move to announce all the products coming in the upcoming months, perhaps there will be a few surprises and these are just new devices without a launch event.

Hopefully, whenever ASUS decided to go full in on the US, they will do it with a big smartphone, full of specs, to compete with the likes of the LG G2, Galaxy S4 and Moto X.

Source: VR-Zone