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Archos preparing to launch seven smartphones later this year


Archos will be preparing to launch seven Android smartphones later this year at different price points, preparing to flood the market with phones for all types of users. Even though Archos isn’t the biggest manufacturer yet, they are gaining support in the low-end market and may push into mid and high-end markets at the end of this year.

The company recently revealed three smartphones for the low-end Android audience and we are unsure if these will count towards the seven smartphones Archos are bringing to IFA 2013, in early September.

Archos will likely bring two or three new mid-range smartphones to the event and we may see a flagship product. We wonder if Archos would step up with a Snapdragon 800 chipset and 1080p display or if they will just meet halfway with an average consumer device.

Either way, it is exciting to hear Archos is preparing to launch even more devices. While the devices are not top-end and lack a certain design brilliance we have seen from other manufacturer, they are sturdy and offer a cheap solution for most of the Asian, European and Latin America markets.

Archos also said they will be looking into high-end tablets and 3G wireless connectivity. The high-end tablet may not be very exciting, we have seen many top-end Android tablets die simply because nobody wants an expensive tablet with Android.

3G is for other regions where they are just adopting the wireless technology, we expect the company is working to make speeds faster and signals stronger across different regions.

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