AOSP runs into new issues regarding Android 4.3 on Nexus 10

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The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) has ran into some problems in the past few weeks, regarding Android 4.3 factory images for the Nexus 7. This was due to Qualcomm’s propriety GPU binaries, stopping Google from publishing the factory images.

The issue gained attention when Jean-Baptiste Queru said he was sick of the situation regarding the AOSP and how even Google’s own Nexus devices were incapable of being added to the supported devices list. The Nexus 7 case a week ago was resolved and now images are up but the older Nexus 10 has ran into issues.

It seems once again Qualcomm do not want the GPU binaries published onto AOSP. Jean-Baptiste Queru did announce the supported Android OS is 4.2.2 for now, until the drivers are released by Qualcomm. This is starting to get a tad frustrating, especially for developers who enjoy the openness of Android.

Even with the all negativity, Jean-Baptiste Queru has said the worst thing to do is try and boycott the company or start flaming and making petitions for Qualcomm to stop. His advice is to either purchase another product and discuss how it is better to have open source or buy their product and describe how it would work better with the factory images available.

We will probably see the factory images appear sometime in the near future, even though Jean-Baptiste Queru did not say support was likely to happen anytime soon without a license.

Source: Google Forums

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  1. Come on, nexus 10 does not use qualcomm chipset. It uses
    CPU: Dual-core A15
    GPU: Quad-core Mali TS04

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