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Another Fake BlackBerry Messenger App Shows Up In Play Store

One of the key strengths of any BlackBerry device is its BBM service. This allows anyone to easily share messages and other content to other BlackBerry users. Previous reports say that BlackBerry Messenger will soon be arriving for the Android platform which has excited a lot of people. As of now though there is still no official BBM app at the Play Store coming from BlackBerry.

Some individuals are taking advantage of the anticipated release of BBM for Android by releasing what is supposedly a BBM app. A few months back there was a fake BBM app that tricked quite a number of people. Today, a new app has surfaced called BBM App created by BBM Droid which is obviously a fake as well.

From its description alone it states that “THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL BBM APP”. What it does is that once someone installs this app it proceeds to download another app which needs to be installed. We are not sure what the downloaded file contains but judging from the way it enters an Android device by bypassing the Play Store it’s likely to be a security risk.

Below is the description of the app by the developer and how to install it



  • When you open the app it will go to a blank screen. It will then say starting download, the download will be in the notification draw.
  • Once the download is complete click on it and install it. Go home and open the downloaded app.
  • Next DOWNLOAD a file manager e.g AndroZip-Free, and open androzip and scroll to downloads, then open download folder/section
  • Locate and click on BBM_From_Android.apk
  • Install and Open-BBM From Android

Most of the people who have tried the app gave it negative reviews. One person who downloaded it says that the app just displays a white screen with no apparent activity. Another says that it installed just fine but messages don’t get delivered.

This is definitely one app people should avoid.

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