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Android Device Manager Begins Rolling Out

Google announced their new Android application, Android Device Manager, just last week for devices running Android 2.2 or later.  The company promised that the app will be rolling out over the next month or two and it seems that the roll-out has begun.  Someone posted on Reddit that they received the app which replaces the Google Play Store App in India.  We can also notice from some screenshots posted by users that some tablets, including the Nexus 7 and phones including Galaxy S4 Active are receiving the app already.

Android Device manager

If you have not received the app, you may want to check your device settings and make sure that you can receive the update automatically if you would rather not check manually.  Once the application is installed, navigate to Settings > Security and find ‘Device Administrators’ under which you should see ‘Android Device Manager’.  By default, the Android Device manager is deactivated but enabling it is as simple as checking the check box to the right which brings up a screen displaying a list of what the application can do an a button to activate the tool.

The app shows the exact permissions it requires which are listed as:

  • Erase all Data: Erase the phone’s data without warning by performing a factory data reset.
  • Change the screen-unlock password: Change the screen-unlock password.
  • Lock the screen: Control how and when the screen locks.

It is interesting though that the application permissions page does not show that the application is capable of remotely tracking and locating your device.  What it shows is that it can erase data and lock the screen but it would have been very useful if the details were listed on the page.

While this app is being pushed to devices, there is no detailed page to set up remote tracking, which could mean the actual tool is still missing and a future update may bring it.  We hope it will turn up on Google Play soon enough.  If you cannot wait for an official roll-out and would rather install the Android Device manager now, you can download an apk file here.

Source: Android Central

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