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Amazon Silk browser gets a new interface

Amazon Silk Browser

The default Kindle Fire browser, also known as the Amazon Silk has received a new update which brings forth a refreshed UI and some new features. Users can also expect the performance to receive a major boost with Amazon’s cloud computing prowess brought to the fore.

It seems like Amazon has adopted a more common approach with the new Silk browser, as it now lists all your most visited sites on the home page with the address bar right above it. The browser also features something known as the new Readability View which removes all the clutter surrounding the web page and focuses more on the content, similar to Apple’s Safari Reader feature.

Amazon Silk Browser 2

Fans will greatly appreciate the new update as the Kindle Fire series of tablets rely heavily on Amazon’s support for survival. Users will get a tutorial video displaying all the features of the new browser when they open the updated browser.

Source: Amazon

Via: Android Central

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