Amazon may be developing a mobile gaming console


Amazon is reportedly looking to develop a mobile gaming console similar to the Ouya and GameStick. The gaming console will have its own controller and Amazon will run the system, making sure all games and entertainment on the console is verified.

The Ouya and GameStick are both in their infancy, with the Ouya just stepping out of the backer period and into the gaming shop shelves. If Amazon step in this battle, especially with other emphasis on entertainment, it is likely the box will crush the Ouya and other Android gaming consoles.

With Amazon’s simple publishing standards on e-books, we believe the company will apply this to video games. We have already seen investment from Amazon in the mobile gaming space and now they will have a console to finish the product line.

Sources have suggested the gaming console will offer different services, including Prime and Movies and Music. We may also see partnerships with Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and other Internet streaming services.

Amazon will build off the Android OS technology, with their own skinning process similar to the Kindle Fire. Amazon may take this into their Kindle branch, calling it the Kindle console, although this seems a little far fetched.

According to sources, Amazon will launch the gaming console on Black Friday and will have it headline the online store. It will come to the US first and possibly Europe and Latin America after.

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  1. I’d rather have the Google one if those rumors hold true. Never understood why people think android = mobile… It doesn’t have to silly people. Full fledged games are doable and obviously will cost more but if they can be brought with you no matter where u go and system upgrade and small. Amazing thing. It’s like PC gaming in console form.

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