Amazon currently selling Verizon Droid Mini at $49.99


Verizon launched three new Droid devices with Motorola a few months ago and the initial response has not been great. The Droid MAXX has oodles of battery life but ugly internals and externals and the Droid Ultra is thin but the Verizon metal robot look with kevlar backing does not make the device attractive.

The third option is the Droid Mini, the smaller option coming at $100 cheaper than the Droid Ultra and $200 cheaper than the Droid MAXX. Amazon has already dropped the Droid Mini price tag from $99 on a two year contract to $49 on a two year contract.

The Droid Mini comes with the same internals as the Droid Ultra and MAXX. Starting with the X8 Motorola chipset, 720p AMOLED display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and 2000mAh battery. According to testers, the battery can last a full day without charge, that is 24 hours, not 8 hours as some providers con users into believing.

Without the two year contract, the Droid Mini comes at $599, an incredibly high price for a smartphone with mid-range specs. This is a smart move by Verizon Wireless to make sure the Droid Mini always gets sold on contract.

The Droid Mini may not have the best looks, but the cheaper internals make for a longer day without charge. Motorola has added the software features as they have on the Moto X: Touchless Control, Active Display, Quick Capture and Moto Assist.

UPDATE: The Droid Mini is currently out of stock on Amazon. 


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