Amazon Chromecast orders being delayed by up to 3 months


Chromecast orders from Amazon are being delayed by up to three months and the company has announced all orders from now will receive the same treatment, as Amazon tries to grab more stock.

Currently Amazon is the only retailer suffering from huge setbacks, with the Google Play store saying there will be a two to three week delay and Best Buy claiming there may be some in stores and online, without delays.

There are a few reasons Amazon may be getting the rough end of the stick, one could be Google is lacking inventory and all the big orders are being taken by Best Buy, who have the brick and mortar side tapped and a little e-commerce.

The other is Amazon is simply not buying enough inventory. With Best Buy not suffering the same fate, it has to be something to do with Google not selling enough inventory to Amazon or Amazon not getting a fair chance against Best Buy and other retailers, including Google itself.

Whatever the case, it seems Best Buy is the way to go if you want a Chromecast anytime soon. The Google Play store is the other way and we can see many preferring this over the Best Buy experience, even if they are guaranteed the Chromecast quicker.

Chromecast is quickly becoming the best device ever to come out of Google, with thousands of people ordering the device and lots of media services saying they will be actively working to support the Chromecast.

Source: Amazon

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