Amazon AppStore will now offer web apps


Even though the Amazon AppStore is essentially just another app on the Google Play store, the e-commerce giant want to make sure they have developers making experience just for their apps store.

Amazon will now allow HTML5 apps onto the AppStore, pushing for more web developers to create apps native to the Android platform, that may take advantage of Amazon’s Javascript payment APIs and other monetization tools.

Currently, Amazon only has a few developers making web apps, but we can expect more now Amazon has opened the floodgates for budding developers. The Kindle-seller is more stringent when it comes to apps than the Google Play store, for any developers hoping to get cheap apps on the app store.

All we are waiting for is Amazon to release their own OS for the Kindle and Kindle Fire. We heard rumours about it quite a while back, but Amazon decided to stick with Android OS with the well textured and redefined skin on top, taking away all the Google services for their own and others, like Bing and Nokia Maps.

The tension between the two giants is felt across the board, even though Samsung fiddle with the Android OS a little, taking vanilla Android and swapping it with unloved TouchWiz, they do not go full extreme and destroy the Android system in place of their own minimalistic board.