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2013 Nexus 10 could be made by ASUS: Rumor

2013 nexus 10

Reports are indicating that ASUS could be working on the Nexus 10 refresh which is to be revealed alongside the Nexus 4 successor in October. It wouldn’t be unprecedented of Google to make the switch from Samsung considering how little an impact the original Nexus 10 made. And according to multiple sources cited by Russell Holly from, the ASUS made Nexus 10 refresh is indeed coming later this year. The tablet apparently will make its way in time for the holiday season, much like last year’s Nexus 10. The report further claims that the tablet will be sold on retail channels in addition to the Play Store.

We’re going with just hearsay for now, so there’s no information on the specs sheet just yet. But knowing Google, it would certainly look to work in close quarters with ASUS to improve on the 2012 Nexus 10. We expect no changes in the price point either as low pricing has been Google’s USP over the last couple of years. We can perhaps expect a Snapdragon 800 chip and a comparable high res display on the ASUS made Nexus 10, if the rumors are indeed true.

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Via: Android Central

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