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$130 Xiaomi Red Rice costs about $85 to make

Xiaomi Red Rice

The Xiaomi Red Rice is easily the best value for money smartphone we’ve come across in recent times. At $130, the smartphone features a quad core processor, HD display and a gigabyte of RAM. And according to analytics firm Trend Force, the smartphone costs about $85 to manufacture with the processor and the display making up for over 42% of the total cost. So despite selling it for so cheap, the company is actually making a decent profit of $45 per unit which is huge for a low cost handset.

The manufacturer was in the news yesterday for having Hugo Barra join the company as a global VP and earlier today for crossing 1 billion app downloads on the MIUI app store. So basically, this is the most lucrative year for Xiaomi as far as achievements are concerned. It will now depend on how the manufacturer takes things forward in 2013 and carries it through to 2014 which is going to be more challenging.

Source: Slashgear

Via: Phone Arena

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