Xbox One Kinect will scan QR and game card codes


The Xbox One Kinect has been hit with huge backlash, with many gamers feeling that private life will be watched by the camera sensor and beamed up into the cloud, despite Microsoft stating this will never happen and the user can stop the Kinect from watching.

There is a few upsides to the Kinect and one is it will be able to scan QR codes and even game card codes and automatically download the game or transaction, this will be a big advantage for those who still buy game cards and have to type in long codes on the Xbox controller.

Microsoft seems to be trying to soothe out all the trouble the Xbox One has caused, recently changing all the used game and online policies, they are now just trying to promote the games on the system and show some of the big features coming.

Via: Neowin

Source: Marc Whitten’s Twitter

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