Wirefly selling the 32GB Verizon Galaxy S4 for $219.99


Wirefly has formally begun selling the 32GB Galaxy S4 from Verizon for $219.99 with a two year contract. This deal is applicable for both new and existing customers of Verizon.

With this listing, Wirefly has become the first retailer other than Verizon itself to sell the 32GB Galaxy S4. Verizon sells the smartphone for $249.99 with a two year contract (down from $299.99), so if you’re looking to get an additional $30 off the asking price, then Wirefly is the place to look at right now.

The Verizon Galaxy S4 is perhaps the most versatile variant of the smartphone in the U.S and it’s really good to see a deal already. We’re hoping other online retailers will carry the smartphone soon and for a better price. So head over to Wirefly right now to get your hands dirty with this tasty new deal. Both the White Frost and Black Mist variants are available as of now, so no worries there.

Source: Wirefly

Via: Android Police