Windows Phone 8 will get 1080p support soon


Windows Phone 8 has been gaining small market share in the past year, but comparing it to Android or iOS makes it feel miles away. This could be in part due to Microsoft’s slow advancement with technology allowed on Windows Phone 8.

For example, the recent version of Windows Phone 8, GDR2 update, still does not have 1080p or quad-core processing support, two features that have been available on Android for quite some time. However, with a new GDR3 update scheduled sometime this year, we may see both of these features come onto new Windows Phone 8 devices.

Nokia will be first to set the trend, according to recent reports on the Nokia EOS. This phone will have a full metal body, a 41MP camera, 1080p display and quad-core processor, although some of these features may not actually appear on the device at first.

Source: Justin Angel’s Twitter

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