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Windows 8 Now Has More Market Share Than Vista



The latest market share for all computer operating systems from Net Applications for June 2013 just came in. Windows XP has 37.17% market share, Windows Vista has 4.62% share, Windows 7 has a 44.37% market share, and Windows 8 now has 5.1% share. Windows has 91.89% total, Mac OS X has 6.94% share, and Linux has a 1.17% share.

The obvious big news here is that Windows 8 has finally gained more ground than Vista. Back in 2006, Vista had the same problem Windows 8 now has, but for different reasons. Windows Vista just plain didn’t work and had thousands of bugs, and this time Windows 8 is confusing to consumers who don’t know what the difference between the new “Modern” look and the regular desktop are.

It’s good that it has also eaten away at XP as well, since all support for that operating system ends on April 8th, 2014. Now for a personal note. My parents actually like Windows 8, as it has improved the speed of their computers. They miss the start button, but thankfully Windows 8.1 (a free update) comes out later this year and the start button is back. These market share metrics are always interesting.

Source: Net Applications

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