Why iTunes Videos Won’t Play in the Galaxy S3?

Galaxy S3 wont play iTunes videos

There are several underlying reasons why iTunes videos cannot be played in the Galaxy S3, or in Android phones for that matter.

The Reasons Why iTunes Videos are Not Playable in the Galaxy S3

According to a number of sources like, AndroidCentral and Aimersoft, one reason for this is that the format of the videos may be unrecognizable by the video player of the Galaxy S3. Examples of these are MOV and M4V formatted files.

Another reason for this is the Apple’s iTunes DRM. DRM means digital rights management. According to Wikipedia, DRM is basically a restriction set by hardware manufacturers to limit the use of their digital contents to a certain device or specified category of devices only. In this case, the iTunes videos are only limited to iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Solution to the iTunes Videos Not Playing in the Galaxy S3

The only way for you to be able to play iTunes videos in your Galaxy S3 is through the use of an applications designed for this purpose. Among them are Aimersoft’s Video Converter, HD Media Converter and other similar products. These types of software work by converting the format of iTunes videos into something recognized by the Galaxy S3 or other Android devices like the MP4 file format and other common types.

Keep in mind though that using these types of programs to circumvent the DRM protection has legal repercussions as provided by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA which was passed in the US in 1998.

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