Vimeo and RedBox Instant could get Chromecast support


It seems with the huge early success of the Chromecast, media players and services are prepared to start supporting the video dongle, with Vimeo and RedBox Instant the two new names.

Vimeo VP of Mobile Nick Alt has expressed his support with the Chromecast service and said they are looking forward to helping out Google with support, in a push to bridge the gap between mobile and TV. Vimeo, for those that don’t know, is a video-sharing service like YouTube and has gained significant success in the US.

RedBox Instant, the streaming service owned by Verizon, may also be preparing to offer support to the Chromecast. Technically there is no drawback for streaming services, as they will still get the money from users and it is just another portal for users to try out.

One hacker revealed code on the Chromecast that could be showing HBO’s early interest in the Chromecast. We believe Google did initially go to a few different media streamers and broadcasters, but Netflix was the only very early adopter. HBO Go may come to the Chromecast with the huge popularity spike.

The Chromecast can technically play all of these different channels, through the Chrome-to-TV web portal, but the experience may feel a little underwhelming at times, like the SmartGlass portal from PC to Xbox 360.

To support the Chromecast, the streaming service needs to add the Chromecast SDK onto their app and website. This is a simple move but with mobile it will require an update to work and some developers only ship out big bundle package updates, so we may be waiting a while.

Source: GigaOM