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Verizon’s Droid lineup will be exclusive to Motorola smartphones


According to the Marketing Executive of Verizon, Jeff Dietel, the Droid series of smartphones on the network will now be exclusive to Motorola. This means that other manufacturers like HTC which launched the Droid DNA late last year, will no longer make devices under the ‘Droid’ moniker for Verizon. It seems like Google, Motorola and Verizon have worked out a deal for themselves to keep the lineup exclusive. We’re not sure if this will benefit the customers, as the freshly announced trio of Motorola Droid smartphones have somewhat failed to meet expectations.

Motorola is launching smartphones after a massive gap, so it was very crucial for the company to make some sort of an impact with these smartphones. We’re hoping the Moto X would bring some smiles back on the fans’ faces as Motorola desperately needs to get back in the mobile industry. With Google’s backing firmly with the company, the software issues can be dealt with. Motorola and Verizon will now have to work out a plan to market the new Droid range of smartphones in an attractive fashion.

Source: CNET

Via: Phone Arena

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