Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 VRUAME7 Update That Locked Bootloader Is Now Rooted

The latest update (VRUAME7) that was released by Verizon for the Samsung Galaxy S4 brought about several new features such as Apps2SD, enhanced performance, and the base for Samsung KNOX security features. One problem with the update though is that it also breaks a rooted device as well as the exploit that allows an unlocked bootloader.

Those who valued their rooted device steered clear of this update until a solution could be found. Over at the XDA forums, senior member OP has just posted instructions on how to root the Verizon Galaxy S4 that’s running on the VRUAME7 update. The method uses a root exploit previously created but modified to work on the S4.

There are three steps to follow in order to get your updated device rooted


Preparing the MicroSD

  • Insert microSD on the S4
  • Format the microSD as exFAT, NOT FAT32
  • If your microSD has a capacity of 64 GB you can format it to exFAT using your S4 from the Storage settings.
  • If your microSD has a capacity below 64 GB then you have to format it to exFAT using a PC.
  • When the format completes, move all files and folders from the extracted Root exploit package to the root of the microSD.

WARNING: Permission errors will occur if microSD is not formatted to exFAT

Rooting a VRUAME7 updated Galaxy S4

  • Open the Android Terminal Emulator app on your S4
  • Run the following commands one after another, take note that capital letters are important

cd /mnt/extSdCard



  • When you run the second command you will see the $ sign change to # which indicates that your device is rooted.
  • Once all three commands are done close the terminal emulator and check if there are any updates for the SuperSu app over at Google Play.
  • Open SuperSu app and let it perform updates.
  • Try opening a root application to verify if it can have root access properly.
  • Reboot the S4 and confirm if root access still exists.
  • You should now have full root access on the VRUAME7 of the S4.

Credits for this procedure go to the XDA forum thread where it was posted.

via xda

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