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Verizon planning to unveil “VZ Edge” Upgrade Plan


It appears Verizon is trying to counter T-Mobile’s new “Jump!” plans with their own “VZ Edge” upgrade plan. However, this plan is markedly different from Jump. Since customers on Verizon can no longer have early upgrades are are now stuck with the same phone for two years (I.E. a Galaxy S4 from today until the same date in 2015), this plan may be appealing to some.

It seems you will be using their new device payment plans they launched a few months ago and after the phone is 50% paid off, you will be able to upgrade from your current phone to a new one. What we don’t know is if you will have to pay off the rest of the phone right then and there, like on T-Mobile, if it will become part of your monthly bill until it’s paid in full, or it’ll just disappear.

According to sources that Droid Life has, Verizon will unveil this plan on August 25th. This will make for an interesting battle against T-Mobile indeed.

Source: Droid Life

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