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Verizon Moto X gets photographed

The Moto X smartphone that is heading to Verizon has been recently captured in a photograph. The image was first published by Android Central, which received the picture in its inbox.


The photo shows the Moto X in the hand of a consumer. Above the display is a “Not for sale” label, whereas below the display, it says “Mototola’s confidential property.” Android Central says that the bezels on the top and bottom of the display are fairly thick, but not overly so when compared to other smartphones being released today.

In terms of design, the blog compares the Verizon Moto X in the picture as being somewhat similar to the Nexus 4. Its size seems to be close to the Nexus 4, as well, or shorter in length than the Samsung Galaxy S3. Furthermore, the Verizon Moto X appears to support LTE connectivity.

The blog draws attention to the hint that the smartphone does not tote Android 4.2.2, because of the semi-transparent background behind the on-screen soft keys. Android 4.2.2 comes with a solid black background instead of a semi-transparent one. Thus, the smartphone may well be running on Android 4.3, and the photo could be giving us a glimpse at the new appearance of the stock launcher.

This photo is but one of the numerous leaks about the upcoming smartphone, which is believed to be arriving on Verizon on August 23rd.

Already, many details about the smartphone’s customization features and possible specifications have been allegedly leaked prior to its official announcement. Also, many supposed photos of the smartphone have surfaced, including some of Google chairman Eric Schmidt himself talking on the smartphone during a recent event. There are speculations now that these leaks are controlled, that is, they have been sent by insiders from Motorola or Google to websites to build up the excitement for the upcoming smartphone. Outside of these leaks, the companies are also heavily investing on advertising, reportedly budgeting half a billion dollars in marketing. Regardless of whether there could be basis for the speculation, what seems to be clear at this point is that Motorola and Google truly want the smartphone to do well in the market.

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