Verizon launches Droid Mini, Ultra and Maxx


Verizon has officially launched the Droid Mini, Ultra and Maxx, the next generation Droid line-up. Even though Motorola is moving away from the Droid brand to build the Moto X and other smartphones, they have continued to help Verizon on this generation.

The Verizon event was very quick and snappy, they quickly named a few new features on the Droid phones, announced a little software and then it was off to the hands on.

Starting with the Droid Ultra, this is the mid-range smartphone in the Droid line-up, starting at $199 on Verizon contract. The Droid Ultra has a 10MP camera capable of shooting 1080p video and is “the thinnest smartphone ever” with red-kevlar backing.

Verizon did not announce anything for the Mini, stating it was the same as the Ultra only smaller and it costs $99 instead of $199. We are glad to hear that and hope Verizon and Motorola have actually added the same components to both the Ultra and the Mini.

Then came the Droid Maxx, this is all about battery life and for $299 starting, it is going up against only one other phone at that price, the Nokia Lumia 1020. It is 8.5mm thin and has 48 hours of battery life, beating the previous Droid MAXX by 16 hours.

All the phones will come with Motorola’s X8 mobile computing system, it contains 2 application cores, 4 graphics cores, one contextual computing core and one natural language core. The three phones have 24% faster CPU, 100% GPU and twice the RAM than the previous Droid line.

Touchless control was shown off, reportedly a Moto X exclusive, it seems Verizon has nabbed this feature before the Moto X could even roll out. Active Display will help battery life by lighting up only portions of the display at certain times.

Quick Capture is another new feature, it allows users to take photos instantly from the lock screen and ‘Droid Zap’ allows the photos to be shared within different circles and social networks.

The event took a little turn for the weird when Ingress was launched, a multiplayer virtual reality scavenger hunt game, which will only come on Droid smartphones. The player can add up to five friends, assuming the user has five friends who also have Droid smartphones.

Pre-orders start now and shipping will begin on August 20, all orders before September 30 will get six months free access to Google All Access Music.

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