Unofficial Android 4.3 ROM now available for the Sony Xperia Z


A developer named Taylor_Swift has managed to create an Android 4.3 ROM for the Sony Xperia Z from Google’s Android 4.3 system dumps. This comes as a surprise as Google hasn’t made Android 4.3 public yet. But that doesn’t stop modders from grabbing files together to create a working ROM.

As you would imagine, Android 4.3 is not stable by any stretch of the imagination, so make sure you flash this ROM only if you have the Xperia Z as your spare device. Use this merely to tinker with your imagination and nothing else.

With leaks like these breaking cover every subsequent day, we can imagine that a launch is quickly approaching. Google seems to be playing the waiting game to have all manufacturers up to speed with Android 4.2 before releasing the next update. You can head over to the XDA thread from the link given below to flash this new ROM, but make sure you back up all your data before doing so.

Source: XDA Forum

Via: Cult of Android

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