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Unlike Moto X, the Motorola Droid Lineup Won’t be Made in the USA

Motorola has been dominating the tech world lately with its range of new devices, including its possibly flagship smartphone the Moto X that is marketed as ‘wholly made in the USA’.  The patriotism of the Moto X is admirable, considering that no other major smartphone manufacturer actually assembles devices in the country largely because of the costs.  However, other phones in the Droid Lineup will not enjoy the same sales pitch as it turns out, they will not be made in the USA.


According to a Motorola Spokesman who spoke to The Verge but wished to remain anonymous, the smartphones in the Droid family will be made in Asia, obviously China, and they may carry the tagline ‘Designed in the USA, Made in Asia’.  The tagline will be unofficial of course.

Google’s Motorola becomes the first top manufacturer to assemble smartphones in the US.  The Moto X is made at the company’s facility in Texas but most industry analysts are hinting on the possibility of the company shifting production of other Moto X models to China because the facility couldn’t possibly handle all the demand.  The Moto X is expected to be a hit in the market, not because it is wholly made in the USA but because of the ‘revolutionary new features’ that the company introduces with the phone, including customizable colors.

The high cost of production of the phone in the US will eventually affect the cost of the Moto X, whose price is already rumored to be start at $299.  The plant on which Motorola is manufacturing the Moto X is an old Nokia plant and may not be well equipped to churn out more than one model of the phone at once.

Motorola’s move to manufacture the Moto X in the US could earn it some points in the market considering that even Apple, the self-anointed ‘American manufacturer’ outsources all its manufacturing operations to China.  Since Motorola intends to popularize the Moto X globally, the phone could be the first high end smartphone to be exported from the USA.  Perhaps Google and Motorola may have plans to expand the US production line and in the future make all its devices – particularly smartphones, in the USA.

Source: The Verge via Android Authority

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