UK retailer Carphone Warehouse removes Nexus 4


It seems the Nexus 4 is slowly dying down as the world moves to another generation of Android smartphones. Carphone Warehouse, one of the largest UK phone retailers, has dropped the black version of the Nexus 4, just one day after the white version was discontinued.

Google and LG struggled with stock for the first few months of the Nexus 4’s life and Carphone Warehouse was one of the major retailers, even though their stock was always foggy. Some analysts say over five million Nexus 4 sales were missed through Google’s failure to notice how much people would want the smartphone.

Since then, the Nexus 4 has done well but the past few months have been pretty quiet. The white Nexus 4 was enough to excite some stock Android fans, but with the Google Editions of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One now on sale, there is little reason to buy the Nexus 4 other than price.

Via: Cult Of Android

Source: Carphone Warehouse

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