Transfer Data and Settings From Old Galaxy Series Phones to Galaxy S4

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Some Galaxy S4 users asked us if there’s a way to transfer all files, apps and configurations from the older Galaxy Series to the Galaxy S4.

You can transfer all files and apps from your old Galaxy Series phone to your Galaxy S4. However, copying the configuration settings of the system of the old phone to the Galaxy S4 is not possible at the moment. This is due to the significant upgrades that were introduced with the Galaxy S4 that older Galaxy phones do not have.

Here are ways to easily transfer contents from older Galaxy Series devices to the Galaxy S4:

Through S Beam

Galaxy Phones that have S Beam lets you transfer contents to the Galaxy S4 quickly. However, not all apps are supported by this feature. This feature does not allow third-party app sharing.

Via App

There are apps that you can use to transfer files easily from your old Galaxy smartphone to the Galaxy S4. One of them is Mobiletrans which is very user friendly.

Here are the steps to use it:

1. Go to the official website of Mobiletrans.

2. Download and install the application to your computer.

3. Click its icon to launch its tool.

4. Connect your old Samsung Galaxy phone and Galaxy S4 to your computer using their respective USB cables. Just cancel any windows that pop up when connecting your devices. There is a green indicator below the phone images that will show if both devices are connected properly.

5. On the sources bar located at the left panel, enter the model of your old phone.

6. For the destination, put the model of your Galaxy S4.

7. In the middle, you will see check boxes that will let you choose what contents you wish to transfer. Just check the boxes that correspond to your preferences.

8. Click the green Start Copy button located in the middle panel.

9. Wait until you see a message that says Completed.

10. Click OK and you can now disconnect both devices from your computer.


Make sure that you turn on the debugging option of your devices for this to work.

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