Things to Do When Kies Cannot Detect Galaxy S2

 galaxy s2 kies problem

If a connection error comes out while updating your Samsung Galaxy S2 through Kies, you might likely encounter an error message that reads, “Firmware update encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again”. But upon repeating the process, Kies no longer establishes a connection with the device.

There are actually several likely causes of this issue as well as possible fixes.

#1 Solution to Kies Problem with Galaxy S2

A similar article has been published here, but with the Galaxy S4 as the device. But the information provided there may be applicable to your problem. So, read our previous article first and perform the troubleshooting methods provided there before proceeding to the next part. Just click this link to our previous article covering the same issue.

#2 Solution to Kies Problem with Galaxy S2

If the tricks in the previous article fail to work, a recent update in the firmware might be causing it. According to XDADevelopers, the error usually happens when the OS version of the phone is updated above Android 2.3.4. The reason for it is that Kies simply stops recognizing the phone and its USB configurations due to a reset in its software settings.

Users in the forum further said that simply updating the driver does not help. So, a way of fixing the issue is through these steps:

1. Dial *#7284# in your Galaxy S2.

2. From there, you will encounter several options. UART has Modem and PDA. USB also has the same set of choices.

3. Choose PDA for the USB option. Then, put it back again to Modem. Remember to do this only with the USB configuration.

4. Tap the Back button.

5. Reconnect your phone to your computer.

6. Once your computer detects the device, it will trigger the installation of the needed drivers.

Hopefully, this solution will now enable Kies to recognize your phone. Remember as well to exit debug mode when performing this solution because your computer will still not recognize your Galaxy S2 if it is under this mode.

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