The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most loved smartphone according to a report

Galaxy S4

According to a new social media survey created by the analysts at We Are Social, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most loved smartphone with as little as 11% complaints. Apple’s iPhone 5 though was claimed to be the most hated with one in every five people reporting dissatisfaction in their social media updates – Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Most users had a gripe with the new lightning connector introduced by Apple and all the chaos that followed after.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 on the other hand was praised for its innovative and unique features like eye tracking, smart pause and other multimedia features. We’re not sure if Apple will pay heed to this, but customer satisfaction has been one of the USP’s of the company.

We’re guessing part of the hatred for Apple stems from the fact that they ditched the native Google Maps app in favor of the new Apple Maps. The Galaxy S4 however has hardly come across any issues and has boasted of extraordinary sales numbers.

Source: The Daily Mail

Via: Cult of Android