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T-Mobile offering $0 down on new smartphones, but there’s a catch


T-Mobile has just begun the $0 down promotion which requires users to pay nothing while signing a contract, with only monthly fees applicable for 2 years. The best part however is that T-Mobile is selling most of its premier devices under this promotion. The Samsung Galaxy S4, the Galaxy Note II, Sony Xperia Z and even the HTC One are listed under the $0 down promotion. This will basically save users from shelling out big on contract price which is usually $199.99 or under. Luckily, both new and existing customers are eligible for this plan.

But before jumping to conclusions as to how awesome this plan is, make sure you notice the monthly fees, which for some devices is more than the standard monthly fees. So for a smartphone which you can buy contract free for $500-$550, you’ll still end up paying the same amount or even more thanks to the increased monthly fees. So it still might be a better idea to buy a contract free smartphone if you’re in it for the long haul.

Via: Android Police

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