T-Mobile Introduces “Jump!” Plan, Gives Customers A New Phone Every Few Months

If you are using an Android smartphone then you know that there’s a new model being released almost every month. You might like the smartphone you are using now but a couple of months down the road you might be interested in a newly released model. It’s going to be difficult to replace your unit to a different new model if you are on a carrier contract since you’ll have to wait for it to end, which usually happens after two years.

T-Mobile wishes to lessen the amount of time you have to wait to avail of a new smartphone by introducing the Jump! plan. This allows consumers to upgrade their smartphone twice a year. T-Mobile US CEO John Legere said in a recently held press conference in New York that “We are going to redefine a stupid, broken and arrogant industry. Two years is too long to be locked into a phone. That’s 730 days of watching new phones come out that you cannot have.”

Under the Jump! plan customers will have to pay an additional $10 on top of their existing plan. After six months of making regular $10 payments customers will be able to trade in their existing smartphone with a new one. The best part is that even if the smartphone customers are using is lost, stolen or even damaged T-Mobile will still replace it with a new one under the Jump plan.

Legere said that “You are covered if you drop it in the toilet or even if you run it over with your car. It’s covered even if you just want a new phone.”

Here’s what Jump! is all about in a nutshell

  • Jump! requires a fee of $10 a month.
  • Customers will have to trade in their smartphone after upgrading. They will receive the same price as new customers.
  • Smartphones on the Simple Choice Plan are eligible for Jump! upgrades.
  • The plan includes complete insurance for smartphone malfunction, damage, loss, and theft.

This is the second major program introduced by T-Mobile in a span of a few months. Previously the carrier announced their “uncarrier plan” which did away with the two year lengthy contract.

Jump! can be availed by T-Mobile subscribers starting this July 14.

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