Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets 357MB OTA Update

Sprint is currently pushing out a 357MB OTA update to their Samsung Galaxy S4 device as reported by several users. The MF9 update brings with it a few notable features that were immediately noticed by those who upgraded.

  • Now allows apps to be moved to the SD card just like the European version
  • Samsung Knox is now available
  • Smart Pause toggle present in the notification panel
  • status bar transparency now works even with custom wallpapers
  • Briefing app
  • SPDclient app
  • could come with a locked bootloader

One of the best features of this update is probably its app-to-SD card support. Samsung has gotten a lot of flak for the amount of actual free space available on the device as compared to the advertised free space. Before this update there was no easy way to move apps to the external storage which is a problem for gamers considering that most gaming titles require massive amounts of storage.

Samsung Knox is also another welcome addition that allows the user to separate their personal and company data. Since this is a security suite then there’s a huge possibility that once the device has been updated the bootloader will be locked. This hasn’t been confirmed yet though.

If you are a Sprint consumer with a Samsung Galaxy S4 then you will be receiving the OTA update. If have rooted your device or are using a custom ROM then you won’t be receiving the update.  You will have to revert back to factory settings in order to get the update or you can wait for the custom version from your ROM developer.

If you still haven’t gotten the notification of the update then you might want to try manually updating your device. The procedure below works only on stock and non-rooted devices. Be sure to have a backup of your data first and proceed at your own risk.

  • Get the MF9 update from this link
  • Place the downloaded file in your SD card and rename to
  • Boot into recovery (When the phone is powered off, hold down vol+, home, and power and keep holding them down)
  • The phone should boot up with the Galaxy S4 logo shown and a text saying it is booting into recovery
  • Let go of the power button but keep holding the volume+ and home button until the recovery menu appears
  • Use volume keys to scroll to the options and the power button to choose an option
  • Select the update via external storage option then choose the file

via androidcentral forum

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