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Sources leak details about HTC M8, refreshed HTC One, and plastic HTC One

HTC M8 is said to be the internal codename for HTC’s flagship smartphone for next year, according to Pocket Lint’s sources who claim to be familiar with the matter. This smartphone will be the successor to the HTC One.


The M7, it would be recalled, was the codename for the HTC One, so it does not come as much surprise that the following smartphone would be known internally as the M8. However, the same report mentions that HTC uses various codenames for the device, possibly to prevent too many leaks. At this point, there is still no available information on the hardware, design, or even the commercial name of the upcoming smartphone.

Refreshed HTC One

Prior to releasing the M8 next year, Pocket Lint’s source reveals that the phone maker will be releasing a refreshed HTC One later this year. This smartphone will introduce changes to the hardware of the current HTC One. The source does not give details on the specifications of the updated HTC One, but it is speculated that the smartphone will have a Snapdragon 800 processor in place of the Snapdragon 600 one that the HTC One offers. An UltraPixel camera is also a possibility.

This is not the first time that HTC is releasing an updated version of a handset in the same year. In 2012, the phone maker released the HTC One X+, a revamped version of the HTC One X, in October 2012, around six months after the One X hit the market. When compared to its predecessor, the HTC One X+ sports a new front camera, a better battery and processor, more storage, and improvements to the Sense UI.

Other upcoming HTC devices

Apart from the updated HTC One, the phone maker is also expected to be launching the HTC One Mini and the HTC One Max, otherwise known as the T6 by the end of this month on O2, a German wireless carrier. HTC is also rumored to be merging the Butterfly and One product lines, and eventually launching a more affordable HTC One handset with a plastic body in the coming year.

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